Serena Garden Villas

Serena Garden Villas at La Serena Golf

Great selection of 1, 2 & 3 bedroom new villas at La Serena Golf from 109,900€ to 232,900€ plus taxes 

Buy from La Serena Golf Property & we will pay your legal fees for these villas

Serena Garden Villas Prices

1 & 2 Bedroom Jazzmin semi detached villas from 109,900€ plus taxes
Jazzmin Villa Description    Jazzmin Brochure    Jazzmin 1 Bedroom Details    Jazzmin 2 Bedroom Villas

Rosita 2 bedroom semi detached villas from 139,900€ plus taxes
Rosita Description    Rosita Brochure    Rosita Villa Plans

Burganvilla 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom semi detached villas from 148,900€ plus taxes
Burganvilla Description    Burganvilla Brochure    Burganvilla Plan    Burganvilla Solarium Plan

Rosa 2 & 3 bedroom detached villas from 215,900€ plus taxes
Rosa Description    Rosa Brochure    Rosa 2 Bedroom Plan    Rosa 3 Bedroom Plan

Villamarina 3 bedroom detached villas from 232,900€ plus taxes
Villamarina Description    Villamarina Brochure    Villamarina 1    Villamarina 2    Villamarina 3